The program is still on trial after replacing the amtlib file!

Please read all, especially the extra info at the end !!

This usually happens when you don’t REPLACE the amtlib file correctly.

If you didn’t get the message to replace when you placed the amtlib file, or you chose NO to replace, then the program will still be on trial version. If you are sure you got the message to REPLACE and you choose YES to REPLACE, and the program is still on trial, please scroll down to read the ‘extra info’ at the end of this FAQ. If you did not get the message to REPLACE then read on.

If you are using the correct amtlib file and you are putting it into the correct directory, there is no possible way that you don’t get the message to replace because ALL Adobe apps place an amtlib file into the installation directory during installation. All you have to do is replace it with the one you download from this website! If you are not getting the message to replace, this could be for 2 reasons:

1- Not putting the file into the right directory.

To make sure that you are placing the amtlib file into the right directory, please find the program you are trying to crack on the list on the left of this website, and read carefully the step 2 again.

2- Not putting the right file.

To make sure you are putting the right file, please check that the file is not zipped and the file name is exactly:

On Mac:

On Windows:

Mac users note:

On Mac computers, if you downloaded the file more than once to the same directory, it will automatically change the name from amtlib.framework to amtlib-2.framework or amtlib-3.framework etc. So make sure the file name is amtlib.framework or it won’t work!

If you are sure that you have replaced the amtlib file correctly and you still see the trial countdown every time you start the program, please log out from Adobe via creative cloud manager and within the program on the help tab or via preferences or services menu.

Extra info:

After the big update on 9-oct-2014: The trial countdown appears on the manager as shown on the picture below. Ignore that countdown. All the apps where the amtlib file has been used will continue to work even after the countdown goes down to zero. There is nothing you can do to remove it but the programs will work forever.

Also after the 9-Oct-2014 update, a welcome screen with the trial countdown appears every time Photoshop or Illustrator are started. If the welcome screen is like the one below, then it means it is not from Photoshop or Illustrator, but form the creative cloud. Read below to learn how to get rid of it… (Same for Windows & Mac)

Photoshop welcome screen

To get rid of this welcome screen, all you have to do is change your computer’s clock time to some date many years into the future.


Then start Photoshop (or Illustrator) and the welcome screen shouldn’t have the countdown any more (see picture below).

skitch (1)

After that you can go to any other tab of that screen (i.e. Tips & techniques or New Features) and scroll all the way down to find the option to disable welcome screen.
After that, restart your computer. Then set the clock time back to normal and the welcome screen shouldn’t be there any more.

NOTE: You will see ‘trial expired’ on the manager, just ignore that.

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