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  1. yes i can download and used it.. but after i quit, and open again, they want me to sign in adobe and tht meant cant be open.. so i should to download again from first over and over..

    so how?

  2. I couldn’t open the keygen xf-accm2015 , it says “Termination Reason: EXEC, [0xc] This UPX compressed binary contains an invalid Mach-O header and cannot be loaded.

    I could open it before for some other software I was cracking but it’s not working now, could it be because I recently updated my software to macOS Sierra??

  3. Hi!
    At the moment is sign in is required, the message that appear to is someting like this you conet to internt (my is on portugues). Can you help what should I do?

    1. Hi we can’t provide support for Ae 2015 at the moment, we recommend to use the 2014 version, that one we know it works perfect.

  4. It works but as Kya said, they prompted that the serial number is revoked. So I turn off the WIFI and got another Key-Generated Serial number. It allowed me through. However when I relaunch After Effects again, they will prompt me to sign-in with my AdobeID and if I did, they will say that I have an invalid subscription and will prompt me to either buy or start trial.
    I closed the window and realised I could still run After Effects as per normal but every time I open After Effects, they would prompt me to signin with my Adobe ID. Is there any other way?

  5. the software was working all fine until i installed a preset….after installing it became trial again and now is asking to sign in with my Adobe account….please help?

  6. HOLY CRAP IT WORKS i once did this but on a different website and i lost all my file even the boot could not finish cuz the boot files were missing but this works

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