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The amtlib file provided on this website is the easiest and safest way to crack any Adobe for Windows or Mac.
Just choose your program from the list on the left and follow the two steps instructions. You’ll make any Adobe from trial to full version forever.

This website was made to help students or small companies that don’t have the cash to buy expensive software, can’t afford a designer or don’t want to pay abusive prices to upgrade to newer versions. If you use the programs for work, please buy from its official website.

This website is run by two people (brother and sister). We also run other sites and facebook pages where we provide tons of resources for graphic and web designers. Not just cracks, but trainings, freebies, templates etc.
That’s our mission, help people with a passion for designing achieve their dream, because we know how hard it is to learn graphic/web design when you don’t have the resources to do it.
Sometimes you have to break the rules, if you really want to be what you want to be.

We try to be the best in anything we do, that’s why we update our cracks every time there are new updates, so our cracks are guaranteed to always work with the latest versions. If we can’t get our cracks working with the latest versions we simply remove them from our sites until we have a solution. If you find any problem within our website or cracks, please email us at [email protected] send us a message on our Facebook page. We answer ALL messages within 24 hours, this is guaranteed.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

19 thoughts on “ABOUT AMTLIB”

  1. Trying to access the amt file i had downloaded previously after a harddrive failure but the download link has expired?

    Can you help?

  2. After replace amtlib.dll file to program files the adobe application has not open due to after launch Adobe program it will appear “The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b).”

  3. I need an AMTLIB for Speedgrade and Audition…do you have these files somewhere…I have buy the one for Premiere Pro 2017 and work great….Thanks

  4. Hi, I bought amtlib about last year. It doesn’t work with 2015.6-Lightroom. Do I have to buy a new amtlib-version to get it work?

    1. yes it will work on the current version. The version CC 2016 hasn’t been released yet… but it should be coming soon (jun or july 2016)

  5. Hey I’ve purchased the .dll file. for after effects cc 2014, and it run ok ,but when i open new composion i can’t set duration second’ and start- fram ,it start up -00000 and duration -00001
    i tryed to the same prossess with the dll file in cc 2015 ,but i get error.
    do you have .dll file for mac cc 2015?or any sulosion of the problam
    thank you

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